Girls Weekend in Hunter Valley

A few days ago I invited my girlfriends to stay with me in Newcastle for a slightly decadent wine and food fueled weekend in Hunter Va...

A few days ago I invited my girlfriends to stay with me in Newcastle for a slightly decadent wine and food fueled weekend in Hunter Valley. It was one of those weekends that you really didn't want to end...

It was high time that I hosted the girls considering I'd been in Newcastle for 5 years, but considering my previous places were the size of a shoebox it wasn't really possible- until now. So I googled around for wine tours and a few weeks and emails later...we found ourselves picked up from my house by a limo for our private wine tour. (!) I'm not really sure how we're going to top that?!

The weather was a bit drizzly but luckily for us wine tasting (and gossiping in pajamas...) is mainly an indoors sport.
^^ Taken outside Enzo Cafe before did I get such photogenic friends?


Judging by the amount of snapchatting ("if you don't snapchat it did it even happen?"- someone who loves snapchat way too much) and selfies uploaded onto social media, the limo was a destination in itself. I booked a private tour with Wine Country Limousines and was able to completely customise the tour I wanted down to which wineries and restaurants to visit and any other activities we wanted to do- they did all the bookings for us. And it wasn't that expensive considering they picked us up from Newcastle. Joe our driver was a complete gentleman, taking our photos and suggesting good photo ops, packing away our wines and even tolerating our choice of music...


This winery had some great wines and beautiful Spanish-inspired grounds. Since their wines are only available at the cellar door we bought a few bottles of their Shiraz, Cab Sav and Verdelho, after taking a few photos.


Another boutique winery, our friendly host Denise taught us all about wines and even threw in some sage life advice. They had some unique ones including a Sparkling Chambourcin- Ash bought a bottle to save for graduation because it literally tasted like a celebration.


I booked this restaurant after reading some great reviews and it did not disappoint. Aside from my slightly strange deconstructed hot chocolate, the food was fantastic and hearty. Order the prawn linguine. The quaint grounds and good going fireplace were the cherry on the top- it would be perfect for a romantic getaway.


The post-prandial fatigue was real. I think we were all struggling through this tasting by this point after being so stuffed with food. The mulled wine was delicious though.



After a quick cheese and chocolate shop visit, it was time to go home. And by go home I mean we were driven in luxury while we all slept after being tired from being wined, dined and driven everywhere. It's a hard life.

Before we knew it, it was time to go out for dinner at Bocado's again where we had a strange aggressive encounter with a dude outside the restaurant (?!) but also great Spanish tapas. After a cosy night in of watching chick flicks, chatting all things life and dating, we slept in the next morning, had breakfast from the food that I had made and eventually parted ways. Only to make plans for the next few days. And weeks.

It was so nice to have all my girlfriends up at my place, showing them where I lived, hosting them and capturing some of the fun moments together. Not to be sappy but I'm so glad to have such inspiring, strong women in my life. Yeah we're a bit cringe sometimes but whether we're cackling over stupid shit or lamenting growing up I wouldn't change anything. We're pushing over 10 years of friendship together and that's gotta count for something.

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