Where Have I Been?

After taking a very long hiatus from this blog, filled with years of studying, travelling, living and all that...I've come bac...

After taking a very long hiatus from this blog, filled with years of studying, travelling, living and all that...I've come back.
In that time, several of my friends asked about my blog and suggested I start a site for my photography, to showcase a portfolio and maybe try selling prints...I thought even about the blogs I used to follow, the regular sweet commenters on this page and the joy I got (and still get) from sharing my photos.

Despite the fact that my photography has since improved a lot, and despite the fact that I cringe at all the random stuff I used to write about and post, I am still fond of this blog and love photography more than ever. And more than that, I really regret not documenting my life for the last 3 years because it's so invaluable to go back and see all the snapshots and moments documented as you continue to grow and stumble your way through this crazy journey called Life. Now, at a crossroad in my life I'm finding myself reflecting on where I'm at.

One thing I haven't stopped doing though is taking photos. So, though I don't know who will be even reading this, I am going to try my best to slowly upload and post some of the memories I've captured over the years- after the fact. I figure it's better than nothing.

It's interesting to see what has changed since though. I've upgraded my gear and overhauled the layout of this site to fit an aesthetic that is more fitting to me now. There's a few things I still want to fix with the template that are bothering me but I need to stop myself and say it's good enough. Especially considering I have no idea to what capacity I can update this thing anyway.

But it's a work in progress.

So, what's changed with me? 

  1. I've almost completed my medical degree. I've put in my internship preferences for next year and in a few (long) weeks I'll be finding out where I'll be working as a junior doctor. 
  2. I've lived in Newcastle for the past 5 years, and will probably be moving back to Sydney next year. In that time, I've learned how to cook (better), moved 4 times, endured varying living standards, driven thousands upon thousands of kms, made friends, lost friends and rekindled old friendships.
  3. I've continued my beautiful relationship with R (almost 6 years and counting!) and it's looking more and more like this one is here to stay...
  4. I bought the camera I was lusting after for the longest time and have also spend way too much $$$ upgrading my gear. Why did no-one ever tell me how expensive this hobby could get when I started?!
  5. I've become older (duh) and learned to appreciate the things in life that truly matter.
  6. I've traveled to some places that I only ever dreamed about, and i'm planning/dreaming up  more, always!
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