Vivid Sydney 2016

Ah, Vivid Sydney . The yearly light festival where the crowds continue growing and I seem to find myself saying "I think last year&...

Ah, Vivid Sydney. The yearly light festival where the crowds continue growing and I seem to find myself saying "I think last year's was better". This year, half of it was true- the event has reached insane proportions with throngs of people, dedicated transport and road diversions, information booths every 50m, you name it. That aside, I thought the opera house sails and building projections were the best I've seen yet!

 I've been a few times since it started (see my really old posts HERE and HERE) and this year I felt like the exhibits were SO far apart from each other. Since we were too lazy to walk/trek halfway across Sydney, we only saw a very small fraction of what was on offer. Customs House, the Opera House and Art Gallery projections are still my favourite though. And the rest I will just have to settle with looking at photos of.

Circular Quay & Harbour Bridge

Customs House

The Art Gallery

Opera House - Lighting the Sails

 I guess you can tell where we spent the most time huh! Side note: want to hear a weird story from one of the first times R and I went to Vivid together, years ago? We dubbed it the:

Jewfish Incident

We were walking around the Quay and decided to stop at one of the restaurants (a relatively nice place too) for a very late dinner/ warm drinks. R ordered a jewfish dish and we sat drinking hot chocolate while waiting for this jewfish dish. Since it was really late, we were the only ones there in the restaurant. So there we are all alone waiting, and waiting...and waiting. Still no jewfish. I enquired several times how long it would take and the waiter assured me no time at all. Well we got impatient (and had to go home) and I finally asked one more time, when is this jewfish going to come out?! Half an hour, the waiter said.

What?! We had waited for almost an hour already! So we paid for our drinks and snacks and bailed apologetically. The restaurant manager came out and said please wait just a little longer and I will give you this beautiful jewfish free of charge. And we said sorry, cost is no consequence, we really have to go.

Well just as we were almost at the station, the manager appeared out of nowhere and chased us down. He then proceeded to shove R's shoulder (lightly, albeit) and cursed our lives for our rudeness, ominously saying something along the lines of "something bad will happen to you tonight, you just watch". We were a bit spooked and hurried home. R then tripped over a drain and almost face-planted so perhaps that was the prophecy fulfilled. Nothing bad ever happened, though either way we never got to try that jewfish.

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